The One Big Thanks Conference


The "One Big Thanks" Conference 2018 at Texas A&M University will take place on February 2nd to February 4th, 2018.

In 2006, The Big Event at Texas A&M University held its first annual Big Event Conference. This year will mark the 12th conference, which has become an opportunity for schools to come together and discuss how each of their Big Events, or other one day service projects operate. It is also a great chance for schools in the beginning stages to come bounce ideas off of executives from other Big Events to see what ideas others have found successful.

As Big Events across the globe have been established and continue to grow larger, we believe that the next step is taking steps toward making One Big Day vision a reality. Our ultimate vision includes volunteers worldwide serving within their communities, for the sake of saying "Thank You" to the surrounding residents. We envision these volunteers all serving on the same day, the One Big Day. As the strength of this vision grew stronger, the Big Event Conference at Texas A&M University transitioned into something called the One Big Thanks Conference, which we encourage and invite you to attend today. It will be a time of collaboration for all schools who want to collectively plan The One Big Day. We will all be working together towards one goal: uniting and expanding the Big Event.

The 2018 One Big Thanks Conference will be held at Texas A&M University on February 2nd-4th; it will begin at 5:00pm on Friday and conclude at 12:00pm on Sunday. If you are interested in attending, contact Matt Wetesnik and Madeline Saiter at For more information, check out the attached documents at the bottom of the page.

One Big Day 

The One Big Day vision includes colleges and high schools across the globe serving on one day each year, to achieve one goal - to say "Thank you" to our respective surrounding communities. In order to make this vision a reality, we want you to initiate, and then cultivate, your own edition of The Big Event! 

At Texas A&M University, we hope to partner with schools as they implement our One Big Day vision around the world. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please click here to download our Expansion Packet. Also, visit our Start A Big Event page.

Conference FAQ's

Why should I come to the One Big Thanks Conference?

  • The purpose of the One Big Thanks Conference is to unify a group of people in working toward the One Big Day vision
  • The conference facilitates exponential growth and strong collaboration of new ideas and processes, which are essential for schools that have a new or growing Big Event
  • Schools such as Virgina Tech, Florida State, and LSU have been to conference multiple times, and they have some of the largest Big Events in the nation
  • The 2018 One Big Thanks conference is located in our newly renovated Memorial Student Center, which is located at the heart of the Texas A&M campus

What will I take away from the conference?

  • Throughout conference, not only are ideas shared, but tangible processes and best practices that will undoubtedly produce growth within your Big Event
  • We equip you to leave with a vision in mind, so you can play a part in realizing One Big Day of worldwide service
  • Conference schools may leave with a sense of unity with other attending schools who participate in The Big Event
  • Texas A&M University, the home of the founders of The Big Event, now invites others to learn about the idea that has changed lives and communities worldwide
  • Information regarding how the Texas A&M edition of The Big Event conducts paperwork, job checking, executive communication, committee delegation, and other practices is shared

How can I contribute?

  • You will be encouraged to participate in collaborative, roundtable sections of the conference by sharing current visions and best practices, and facilitating the formation of new ideas

How valuable is the One Big Thanks Conference?

  • The value of being unified behind a vision that includes best practices, a common mission, and a goal to continue spreading this idea is immeasurable
  • Additional value is also found in the potential to form a network at conference; we encourage you to build relationships with schools across the nation

How many delegates should we send?

  • Four to eight delegates is recommended; the greater number of delegates, the greater the levels of collaboration and unity upon returning
  • Schools are recommended to bring upcoming leaders in their Big Event to conference, so the ideas presented at conference will continue in future years

How will this help my Big Event?

  • We, The Big Event at Texas A&M, will present our ideas and methods regarding growth and a focus on quality, which in turn produces quantity
  • Over 22,000 students completed over 2,500 jobs within the Bryan/College Station community during the 2017 Big Event at Texas A&M, and we want to share how you can do the same

Our Big Event is growing already, why should we come?

  • Unity and collaboration is necessary for continual growth within any Big Event; we believe that conference will not only unify the leaders behind The Big Event at your university, but it will unify The Big Event around the world

What will be covered at conference?

  • Things such as, but not limited to:
    • Growth of your Big Event
    • Recruiting for students and jobs
    • Checking jobs
    • Leadership roles
    • The day of The Big Event
    • Fundraising/budgeting
    • Media
    • Paper work
    • Online systems
    • Risk management

What is the vision behind The One Big Thanks Conference?

  • Ultimately, we hope The Big Event will spread across the globe, and each Big Event will take place on the same day (The One Big Thanks), with students worldwide saying "Thank You" to the surrounding communities schools as a part of the largest ever service project

Where do we get the money to go to conference?

  • Most schools have a student government or council that allocates funds to organizations; you may present this page and your reasons behind coming to conference as part of your request for funding
  • Presenting the underlying goal of unifying your campus through The Big Event is essential to present to student governments, because it often aligns with the mission of the school
  • Some Big Events may have funds to pull from to fund conference attendance
  • Travel scholarships are available for a limited number of schools that qualify

Matt Wetesnik '18 and Madeline Saiter '18
Outreach Executives

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