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General Information

If you have any questions regarding The Big Event, please feel free to contact us at the following:

Phone: (979) 845-9618

Texas A&M University
Student Government - The Big Event
TAMU 1236
127 John J Koldus Building
College Station, TX 77843-1236



Contact the Executive Staff

The executive staff is comprised of 12 members who are selected after the conclusion of The Big Event. With the exception of the Director and Assistant Director, each executive is paired with a partner and the two are placed in charge of one of five sub-committees.


Director: Trent Armstrong '18


Assistant Director: Rachel Welch '17


Operations Executives: Cameron Hickox '17 and Trey Jackson '18

Primary Responsibilities: Fundraising, Gala, and Tool Management

Development Executives
: Morgan Bell '18 and Reese Svetgoff '19

Primary Responsibilities: Committee Management, Alumni Relations, City Government Relations, and Job Recruitment

Recruitment Executives: Lauren Birtcher '19 and Hudson Lorfing '19

Primary Responsibilities: Student Recruitment and Marketing


Programs Executives: Stephanie Bilka '18 and Kyle O'Brien '18

Primary Responsibilities: Day-of Schedule and Layout, Kick-off Ceremony Entertainment, Apparel, Retreats, Banquets, and Corporate Donor Relationships


Outreach ExecutivesMadeline Saiter '18 and Matt Wetesnik '18

Primary Responsibilities: Expansion, Assistance and Establishment of Big Event Related Programs, Sponsorship