Starting A Big Event

Interested in starting your own Big Event?

The Big Event hopes to continue to grow not only at Texas A&M University, but also at campuses all over the nation. As a committee, we consider it a responsibility to spread this concept of selfless service to other universities and other communities. The Big Event has seen tremendous growth and change over the years. Presently, 72 Big Events occur at universities across the nation.

The Big Event is a unique service project in that it can be developed to best suit the community in which it is taking place. If you are interested in learning more about how our Big Event operates and some helpful information on how to start your own, click the link to download an Expansion Packet that details how The Big Event becomes a reality.

Collaborate With Us!

If you are planning on starting your own Big Event, we would love to hear about it and help answer any questions you may have. Direct any questions to , and we will get them answered as quickly as possible!

Also, check out our conference page. Our conference provides a weekend-long opportunity every February to collaboratively improve Big Events across the country and world. This year's conference will be held in College Station, Texas from February 5-7, 2016. We look forward to hearing from you!

Steps To Start a Big Event:

*This is a very general overview and more details are found throughout the website are on our downloadable expansion packet.

  1. Get together a leadership team (executives) (6-8) who are passionate about this vision and are willing to work to start this organization.
    1. Vision: First ever university service project for the community, to leave a legacy forever on campus, make an impact, learn more about leadership, say, “Thank You” to the community
    2. Start Developing your Plan of Action (What needs to be done to accomplish this project) and set a date for the event.
    3. Divide leadership team into committee heads (have partnerships – two executives per committee, The Director leads the exec team, you can also have an assistant director in charge of finances)

1. Director

i. 1 person who oversees everything and keeps the vision of the Big Event

ii. Plan and run committee/executive meetings

iii. Communicate and work with university officials/advisors/student government coordinators to help with The Big Event

iv. Handles the main finances of the committee if no Assistant Director

v. Hold an all student leader organizational meeting before your Big Event so all organization leaders know the exact itinerary for the day and where  their jobsite is located.

2. Recruiting

 i. Goal is to recruit students and organizations on campus to sign up for The Big Event- tell them that theydon’t want to miss

ii. Develop a logo for The Big Event

iii. Make signs to promote sign-ups

iv. Email all student organizations/clubs to get their people together for a service project

v. Have promotion items to give out on campus to get people to sign-up

vi. Announce in classes

3. Operations

i. Responsible for gathering donations (funds to buy tools/other day of your Big Event costs)

ii. Contact local business, establish relationships

iii. Reserve areas on campus that will be used on the day of your Big Event

iv. Run tool distribution on the day of

4. Programs

 i. Speak to university related organizations about the Big Event

ii. Plan the welcome ceremony the Day of The Big Event

iii. Plan items that will be needed for that day (sound equipment, stage…)

iv. Plan transportation to and from job sites for students

5. Development 

i. Responsibility is to recruit jobs in the community

ii. Connections with the city to facilitate with big projects...

iii. Make flyers and forms for community residents to sign up for jobs to becompleted on the day of your Big Event

6. Outreach

i. Work with local and national media to spread the mission and vision of The Big Event

ii. Reach out to other colleges and universities who are interested in starting a Big Event

iii. Host an annual Conference at Texas A&M to bring schools together to collaborate ideas


  1. The Big Event Committee
    1. Have an application for committee members right after selection of executive team or have them just volunteer to help with big things like: job recruiting, checking jobs sites, student recruiting, making signs, running tool distribution to students on the day of Big Event
    2. Big Event Tools
      1. Most likely as a beginning organization you will need all the job sites/residents to provide the tools for you to accomplish the tasks at each specific job site. As your funds increase you can begin buying tools for jobs
      2. The Day of Your Big Event
        1. Have a schedule (example in Expansion Packet)
        2. Time Table of all tasks leading up to The Big Event (if in spring semester)
          1. Send out all requests for jobs in the Fall (first semester)
          2. Have a committee in the Fall
          3. Tell students about The Big Event, raise awareness of first ever all student service project in Fall
          4. Begin asking for donations in Fall
          5. Begin recruiting and signing up students in the Spring (second semester)
          6. Match all signed up organization and students to job sites and then hold all student organization leader meeting in the Spring
          7. Possibly bring on more students in the Spring onto committee to help with larger number required tasks in Spring
          8. Immediately after your Big Event make sure to select the new Director and have him/her select the new leadership team so Big Event can continue

Summary: Simple practical Goals to begin your first Big Event

1. Get together a leadership team to start The Big Event

2. Recruit Jobs sites from charities/the city and local residents for students to perform and check the job-sites

3. Recruit Students to sign up to perform jobs on the day of your Big Event

4. Make a schedule for the day of your Big Event and have a central place for students to all gather before being sent out to perform jobs


You can also download our expansion packet which can be download HERE. Please email if you are interested in starting a Big Event so we can help walk you through the beginning stages.

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