Annual Events

Executive Summer Retreat (Directors, Executives)

Usually at the beginning of summer vacation, this retreat serves to unite the newly appointed Director, Assistant Director, and Executive Staff. During this retreat, brainstorming of ideas and goals for the coming year should take place. Upon leaving this retreat, all should be informed on what can and should be accomplished during the summer months.


Committee Fall Retreat (Directors, Executives, Committee)

Usually in late September, this retreat serves as an orientation for the newly selected committee. The committee is briefed on the roles of each subcommittee, and then they are allowed to submit a form on which they rank the subcommittees in preferential order. Number one should list the subcommittee they would most like to join, with the lowest number listing the subcommittee they would least like to join. Fall retreat also gives the committee and executives a chance to mingle and get to know one another.

Fall Fundraiser: Gala and Silent Auction (Directors, Executives, Committee, Parents, Community)

Usually in October, organizing a fundraiser of some kind is recommended, in order to raise money for the coming year's Big Event. Beginning in 2010, The Big Event at Texas A&M University hosted their First Annual Gala and Silent Auction, a tradition that has continued each year since.

Gala is a sophisticated event, complete with dinner, a speaker, and sometimes live music for dancing. Invitations to the Gala should be sent to:

  • Parents of The Big Event staff
  • University/high school employees
  • Silent auction donors

The silent auction includes donated items (gathered by the executive staff and committee) displayed on tables; it may be accompanied by a raffle. Executive staff members should send the first donation requests to both local and national businesses in the summer months; committee members can help make a final push in the fall. Thank you notes should be sent to donors following their donation.

Alumni Tailgate (Directors, Executives, Committee, Parents, Big Event Alumni)

This event promotes continuity and relationship building between leaders within the past and present Big Events. This tailgate may include a donated meal (gathered by the appropriate subcommittee) before or after a home football game. Ideally, the tailgate can take place on the Saturday of the Fall Fundraiser, so that alumni may attend both events.

Fall Service Project (Directors, Executives, Committee)

Usually in October, this event promotes The Big Event's mission of service, while simultaneously providing an opportunity for executives and committee members to develop relationships. The Fall Service Project may include the executives and committee completing a job that was neglected for some reason during the last Big Event.

Inventory (Directors, Executives, Committee)

Usually in October, this event includes taking an inventory of all available supplies (primarily tools) within the possession of your Big Event. This count allows you to estimate how many jobs your Big Event is currently capable of undertaking. Also, this count allows you to address what should be purchased for the upcoming year.

**See "Tools" page for more details**

Executive Winter Retreat (Directors, Executives)

Usually during the winter vacation, this retreat serves to reunite and reorient the Director, Assistant Director, and Executive Staff before the spring semester. During this retreat, a plan for the remaining months leading up to The Big Event should be established.


Committee Spring Retreat (Directors, Executives, Committee, Staff Assistants)

Usually in late January, this event acts as an orientation for the newly selected staff assistants. Staff assistants are briefed on the role of each sub-committee. It also gives the entire staff body a chance to mingle and get to know one another. Staff members may also have a chance to meet their partner for job checking. This is also an opportunity for a Job Request Form (JRF) distribution, during which committee members and staff assistants go out into the community and distribute JRF's to the residents of Bryan and College Station. Lastly, committee and staff may be briefed on the events of the spring semester.

The One Big Day Conference (Executives, Committee, Staff Assistants)

Usually on a weekend in late January, the One Big Day conference takes place at Texas A&M University, and delegates from universities across the United States are invited to come and learn about the methods and practices of the original and largest Big Event. Texas A&M hosts delegates who wish to start a Big Event at their respective school, as well as delegates from universities that wish to develop and improve their established Big Event. Conference is a safe atmosphere for brainstorming and collaboration between Big Events across the nation. Mark your calendars for this event, and join us at this year's conference!

Night Before Banquet (Directors, Executives, Committee, Staff Assistants, Parents)

This event takes place during the evening prior to The Big Event; it is a time for students and parents to eat and enjoy the company of those that are also involved with The Big Event. This is also a platform for the executives to extend their gratitude to parents, committee, and staff for their support. Banquet consists of a buffet style dinner, a slide show of photos taken throughout the past year, any applicable videos/commercials, and a speech by the current director.