Checking Jobs

Checking a job is one of the most essential, emblematic roles that a member of The Big Event will perform. The purpose of a job check is to gain information regarding how a resident would like the student volunteers to serve at his/her house on the day of The Big Event. However, on a deeper level, the purpose of a job check is to build a relationship with a resident within the community. Our mission to say "Thank you" to each member of the surrounding community, regardless of socioeconomic status, begins with the job check.

Before the Job Check

In preparation for the job checking season, the appropriate members of the executive team should meet with your city council to determine the areas where jobs and can and cannot be completed. We recommend that you ask your city council to divide the community into zones, and you may find that your city has a system that allows you to type in an address and learn what zone the home is in. Staff assistants should assigned a zone where they will check the majority of their assigned jobs. Job Request Forms (JRFs) should be sent out to houses within each zone, and as they are sent back in by residents, an appropriate staff assistant pair should be assigned to check each job.

Use this link for a map of our city zones.

During the Job Check

When a staff assistant pair arrives at a job check, they should review the instructions previously recorded by the resident on their JRF. The staff assistants should take with them the following paperwork to fill out at the job site:

  • Job Site Checklist (JSC): Example
  • Risk Indemnification Form (RIF): Example
  • Job Request Form (JRF): Example

Within the previous list of forms, the staff assistant pair should accurately record the number of students needed to complete the job, as well as the number and type of tools that the job requires. Upon leaving the job check, both the staff assistants and the residents should be well informed as to what will take place on the day of The Big Event at that job site.

Note: At Texas A&M, we use a triple layered carbon copy of all of the forms except the Resident Biography. The uppermost copy is left with the resident, the second copy is filed in The Big Event office, and the third remains with the staff assistants for future reference. In future years, we hope to transfer to an entirely online job checking system.

After the Job Check

Following the job check, the information recorded on the paperwork filed in the office should be entered into a computer system or spreadsheet, to ensure efficient, exact calculations are made to determine the number of tools and participants needed to make The Big Event possible.

Sometimes a resident will need to cancel his/her job. Use this link to access an Example Form that should be used if a job is cancelled.


The job checking process, from start to finish, is represented below in the form of a flow chart.

Job Check Flow Chart