The Day of The Big Event


Use this link to access a general schedule of the day of The Big Event.


The ideal layout for the kickoff ceremony on the day of The Big Event should make logical sense, and it should be clear to students where everything is located. A few items that are essential to have within your layout are:

  • A stage
  • A tool distribution center
  • A check-in center
  • A vendor/company center

At the bottom of this page, you will find a visual representation of the ideal layout.


Check-in should be your first scheduled event of the day. There should be designated tables at which students can check in, perhap ordered alphabetically by group name. When a student checks in, the designated committee member should mark on the master list that their group has checked to perform their jobs. The student(s) checking in gives the committee member the Job Information Form which the committee member then stamps. (Stamping the Job Information Form lets the committee members at Tool Distribution know that the student/organization has checked in.) The job number associated with the student checking in may then be written on a dot sticker which is then placed on the ID and put in the index card file. As soon has check‐in has concluded, the IDs are taken from the index file box and placed in the slots of sheet protectors labeled with corresponding job numbers.

At check in, the following supplies are needed:

  • Master list(s) of all participating student organizations and individual participants organized alphabetically (this may be obtained within an appropriate computer program)
  • One three ring binder containing business card holding sheet protectors and a large stack of blank business cards (committee members should write one job number on each card and place the cards in numerical order in the slots of the sheet protectors)
  • Index card files
  • Dot stickers
  • Sharpie markers
  • Stamp/stamp pad


The kickoff ceremony should take place before, and perhaps during, check-in. This ceremony provides student participants with a place to meet their fellow group members. If possible, you could arrange for small food items to be donated (kolaches, pastries, coffee, etc.) for the participants to be able to eat during the ceremony. During this time, a band may play, and a speaker may encourage students to become excited and energized as they go forth into the community to serve.

Tool Pick Up

Once kickoff is over, student participants are instructed to retrieve the tools necessary for their job site. They are to take the supply list (given to them during check‐in) to the Tool Pick-Up area and hand it to a committee member at the "ORDER" area. The committee member will take the supply list and instruct the student to pick up their supplies at the designated "LOADING" area. Upon receiving their tools, the students will also be returned their supply list (the student must have the supply list in order to return tools and get their ID back when the job is completed).

Headquarters Solutions

Headquarters solutions is the crisis management center for the day of The Big Event. While students are out doing jobs, The Big Event staff remains at headquarters solutions, where the contact and emergency cell phones are located. Students who run into problems at their job site can call a (provided) number that goes to headquarters solutions. At this location, a committee member will help to resolve the problem. It is extremely beneficial to have master lists of all jobs and participants, as well as all Job Site Checklists at headquarters solutions.

Tool Bring Back

As students begin completing their jobs, they will bring their supplies back to headquarters. They will give their supplies and supply list to a committee member who will make sure everything is returned. Once everything is checked back in, the committee member will return to the group leader their student ID.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to a visual representation of the tool bring-back layout utilized by The Big Event at Texas A&M University.



Committee members will receive all calls at headquarters and take steps to resolve the issue at hand. If necessary, the committee member at hand will contact and executive staff member, and then the Director or Assistant Director if necessary. The Director and/or Assistant Director should be notified of all emergencies immediately.


A committee member assigned to roaming the area should firmly command any student participant acting inappropriately to cease immediately. If necessary, an executive may ask the participant to leave. If the behavior continues, call the University Police Department for assistance. If the behavioral issue occurs at the job site, participants should be asked to leave and then replaced by committee members.

Additional common violations are listed below:

  • Participants arrive/depart in the bed of a truck
  • Car accidents (see Emergency Procedures)
  • Student participants break something at the job site (anticipate such occurences with a Liability and Release Form/Recipient Indemnification Form for residents to complete upon signing up for The Big Event)

Emergency Procedure

In the case of an emergency, a Situation and Injury Report Form should be completed, and the Director should be contacted immediately. Spokespersons designated to speak to the media regarding emergency situations include only the Director, the Assistant Director, and the Advisor.

In the event of a serious injury, instruct students to call 911 and/or go straight to the hospital. In such a case, executive staff members and an advisor should meet the group at the hospital with:

  • A list of participating students
  • The Big Event's insurance policy
  • The Big Event's emergency process
  • The Big Event's Situation and Incident Report

No one should speak with the media in the circumstance described above.

In the event of a minor injury, the student participant group may return to The Big Event Headquarters for the necessary care (first aid and a care team should be on hand at Headquarters).