Insurance/Risk Management


The Big Event at Texas A&M University is covered under the Campus Policy Insurance. A flat rate is paid per individual that participates in The Big Event each year. Evaluating your insurance plan and its covering during the pre-event planning process is crucial to ensure effectiveness.


Physical Risks

  • Job site limitations

    • Job length of four hours

    • No ladders > 6 feet

    • No roof access

    • No power tools

    • Directors must approve jobs flags as risky

  • Mandate seatbelt usage

  • Rule against riding in truck beds

  • Crowd management

  • Evaluate risk level during job check

  • Have EMS/PD on site

  • Utilize barricades

  • Educate staff on emergency protocol

  • Staff members visit job sites throughout the day

Reputational Risks

  • Include a Behavior Agreement in student sign-ups

  • Retain authority to remove misbehaving participants

  • Utilize participant (student) and recipient (resident) satisfaction surverys

  • Clearly communicate details/schedules/expectations

  • Schedule a Mock Big Event prior to the day of

Emotional Risks

  • Require students to be kind, courteous, and patient

  • Keep morale high

  • Set clear behavior expectations

Financial Risks

  • Provide insurance for every student

  • Release statements reviewed by university lawyers

Facilities Risks

  • Construct a rain plan

  • Communicate trash and waste disposal

  • Ensure mobile restroom facility availability