Student Sign Ups

The Big Event at Texas A&M University facilitates students sign-ups through the online database This database is accessed by Texas A&M students by using their NetID (username) and password.

Note: If you would like the code to set up a similar system for your school we are providing the source (valued at $5,000) at no cost. Please contact for more information. Begin set-up at

Students may sign up to volunteer as:

  • a member of a group or 
  • an individual

The benefits of The Big Event online include efficient recognition/sorting of:

  • Job risks
  • Job zones
  • Job risks
  • Job information
  • Tool requirements
  • Group information/leadership
  • Student accommodations (allergies, disabilities, etc.)

After student sign-ups have closed, the appropriate executive team member must merge all individual sign-ups and email the individuals to inform them of who their fellow group members are.

Matching student participant groups with jobs should be undertaken as follows: first, match as many jobs as you can by pairing groups with jobs that need the number of students the groups include. Then, you must split large groups or combine small groups to meet the amount of participants needed at the remaining jobs.

Please note that students with special accommodations should not be matched with a job that has identified risks; likewise, all jobs with risks should be matched with a student group without any special accommodations. As the day of The Big Event draws nearer, make sure that no students are assigned to a job that has been cancelled. You may also choose to designate a group of back up participants that may be utilized in the case of another student group failing to show up to volunteer.

Each student participant group should be prepared and delivered a folder, filled with information regarding the details of their job and the resident they will be serving.