Weekly Meetings

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In the spring, when the entire Big Event staff (Director, Assistant Director, Executive team, Committee, and Staff Assistants) has been selected and assembled, the ideal meeting agenda is as follows:

7:00 pm - Each executive partnership should meet with their respective subcommittee.

7:20 - The Director and Assistant should meet with all of committee to share general announcements. Simultaneously, the executive team should position themselves outside the meeting room doors to check in staff assistants as they arrive.

7:30 - The meeting room doors open to allow staff assistants in.

7:40 - The general meeting starts. The Director, Assistant Director, and each executive partnership should individually share their respective announcements with the committee members and staff assistants.

8:10 - The general meeting ends. Each committee members meets with their assigned staff assistants (usually 3-4 Staff Assistant pairs per committee member) to answer questions and make announcements regarding paperwork, deadlines, etc.